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Honoring Black Artists - Antuan Simmons

The Self Publication - Juneteenth Showcase

In honor of Juneteenth this year, The Self Publication is featuring Black creatives in a week-long showcase to highlight our creativity, resilience, and multifaceted methods of beautifully expressing our emotions and mindsets while navigating systemic antiBlackness in our society.

Today we would like to present: Antuan Simmons

About the artist:

Antuan Simmons is a poet from Wichita Falls, Texas. He has been writing poetry for 22 years and has published 6 books of poetry. He has hosted an open mic and done poetry readings at several poetry venues. He has had book signings in Texas, and Oklahoma.

His poetry has been featured in several literary publications, and also in his local newspaper. He also has a spoken word CD called ‘AntuanLive’ showcasing his poetry. Antuan has also founded a t-shirt clothing brand called ‘Inspired Reading’ which promotes and encourages literacy. Simmons is also the founder of American Poet 16 - a clothing line that encourages and inspires more people to consume and appreciate beautiful poetry and literature.

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