(In Stock 6/20/20) The Self Publication Volume 1

Volume 1 of The Self Publication gives viewers an empathetic perspective of the experiences of 14 black women in order to fight against harsh stereotypes aligned with members in the black community. Originally published in 2017 and released in early 2018, this perfect-bound book lays out cultural principles and stories which are both uplifting and heartbreaking.


The participants address early moments of trauma, microaggressions, and cultural progression.
The 74-paged book/magazine is informational, uplifting, and includes beautiful photographs of all participants. The series is run and created by American born Nigeran artist, Nitashia Johnson.

(In Stock 6/20/20) The Self Publication Volume 1

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  • Originally published in 2018, this Perfect bound book is used to inform and inspire. It lays out the principles and stories of 14 great participants. The basic text clarifies and fights against stereotypes.

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